The Paleo diet

Whether you want to lose weight or just feel in need of a change, customizing your food routine is always a good way to get started. However, what is the best diet? Is a low fat diet the right one? Or perhaps a low carb diet? What about calorie counting? With all the options available out there, the choice becomes a hassle. So most of the time it’s easy to just give up.

So how about keeping it simple and going back to the basics? The Paleo diet does just that. It is a way of bringing simplicity and creativity into your life. Specifically, it is a way of experiencing how our ancestors in the Paleolithic era used to feed themselves before we started poisoning our bodies with additives and processed foods. Read on to find out what makes this nutritional approach to food the best one so far.

What you get

Basically, the motto of Paleo sounds something like this: eat like our ancestors and you will rediscover yourself. It’s as simple as that., a community for all Paleo lovers, claims that this diet is a way of cleaning and detoxifying our bodies by giving our cells the chance to rebuild and rejuvenate instead of our bodies constantly having to fight off all the food toxins that reach our insides. As a consequence, a Paleo diet is very effective at reducing the risk for serious medical conditions like heart-related problems, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Moreover, the Paleo diet–alternatively known as “Caveman diet”, is very consistent in fibers and proteins. Plus, you can easily lose weight without having to count calories. Other amazing benefits listed on are correlated to stronger muscles, an improved metabolic system, smoother skin, thicker hair and mental clarity.

What to get

When deciding to go Paleo style, you will be allowed to eat only specific categories of food. So you will have a limited number of ingredients to work with, but don’t freak out. You will notice how relieving it can be. Mainly you are allowed to eat lean meat and fish, vegetables, roots, fruits and healthy fats. It is also recommended to include eggs, nuts and seeds and healthy oils like olive and coconut.

Since Paleo diet is based on human evolution, you will have to let go of the wheat and dairy products. Think of our ancestors as hunter gatherers and not farmers. Thus, grains, dairy, legumes, potatoes, refined sugar and any processed foods are not recommended on the Paleo diet.

However, you should also know that depending on the structure of your organism, you can from time to time treat yourself with a slice of cheese or a piece of cake, but that’s totally up to you. While others won’t even want to hear about cheating, you’re not going to be the only one doing that, so this depends on every one’s personal decision.

How to do it

According to specialists, Paleo diet is on a moderate level in terms of difficulty.

While on Paleo diet, you won’t have to take into account how many calories you eat daily as you will get enough fiber and protein to make sure you don’t starve. If you want to lose weight, you are not bound to exercising, but doctors recommend exercising for your overall health. In the end, it’s a matter of personal choice and finding the best balance for you.

As far as restrictions are concerned, Paleo diet is not necessarily very limited as long as you don’t exaggerate. As stated above, if you feel that you are in good shape and your body can afford it, small cheating moments known as “open meals” are allowed from time to time.

Before starting, you will have to shop for supplies and plan your meals thoroughly. It’s always good to remember you are not allowed to buy canned meals and processed food, so be careful, as it’s very tempting in the beginning. If you have problems with adding variety, which can be common in the beginning, check out for some great manuals for inspiration. They will definitely make your life easier.

Does it work?

This is one of the most popular questions surrounding the Paleo diet. It’s not surprising since there are some nutritionists who are not so confident about it. But just to make things clear, you should know that Paleo is scientifically proven for most of its benefits, especially those related to serious medical conditions like high cholesterol, metabolism syndrome or heart problems.

Moreover, if you are interested in losing weight, there’s scientific proof also for this category, but losing weight is more like a positive side effect and not necessarily the main goal.

In addition, research is available for different lengths of time, the longest being two years, that show the benefits of being on this diet even if it’s for a short amount of time. So no matter how long you stay on Paleo diet, you will automatically be able to acquire the benefits right away. You should expect a positive change in your body and attitude within the first two weeks at the latest.

Other things to consider

For those of you who are vegetarians, it may be hard to start eating Paleo style, as without meat, fish and eggs, there’s no way you can make it. Plus, popular food sources for vegetarians like beans and legumes are actually not allowed. So you’ll have to give up your vegetarian dietary system if you want to try the Paleo diet.

Other than that, prepare to raise the costs of your shopping bill because you will spend slightly more on food now that you will have to eat a lot of meat and fish. It’s not going to be much, but it will be totally worth it. Anyway, if you want to save up some money, you can always start your own vegetable garden, which is very easy, cheap and allows you to grow your food organically.


Next time you sense the need for change, you now know what to choose. Remember, Paleo diet is about simplicity and creativity. Don’t believe anyone who says this is boring because no one can put a tag on your imagination. As long as you are inspired, everything will be all right.

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