For starters, sometimes people think that adhering to a paleo diet tends to be a tad bit difficult. I would recommend having a partner along, so that you can test new dishes and recipes, and would not consider dropping the paleo diet when dejected or hungry to the bill. However, adhering to a paleo diet requires no such perseverance as it tends to quite less than a holy sermon as seen in most low-carb diets.

There are times when you do not wish to slave over hot dishes or scrub pots after preparing a continental or an Italian dish for your household which just would not do justice to cheddar or mozzarella cheese. Having your household on a paleo diet will allow you to prepare short healthy paleo snacks for your children, which they could carry and eat as much as they like while going to school.

Let us discuss on a few quick paleo lunches, which are sure to be spicy to the till, and tasty to have your entire household stick to a healthy yet beneficial paleo diet.

Salmon Wasabi Fillets

Fish is on my bucket list as a mainstay of paleo diets. Consider playing hockey and take your little ones along, or you can take a day off and cater to a cruise as well. You have the fish, and now, you just need condiments and a little bit of flavoring along with the technique to play along with those boneless chunks of beautiful, raw fish.

Reviews have it that you can avoid bread as burger buns as a whole, and cater to green vegetables such as lettuce for this purpose. The lettuce might serve as a burger bun, and you can serve your fillet within them, after adding a hit of lime and a tinge of sprinkled pepper to the fish. With scallions – chopped to perfection, eggs, and lime juice and almond flour as the core ingredients, you can serve your fish with leeks or fried carrot strips. To add the spice to the fish, add a tee bit of wasabi and see how your taste buds await this dish. Frying the stuffed fillets in coconut oil works better than vegetable oil, and adds a golden glaze to the fillet better than it.

Baked Chicken with Thyme and Cauliflower

This quick paleo lunch is hard to be considered as a left over nowadays. With chicken as welcoming and savoury and cauliflower, olives and thyme to add to the taste of lemon juice and garlic, your taste buds would not know what they are missing until and unless you make this dish and let its aroma famish you.

Baked Chicken with Mustard and Lime

Another quick paleo lunch on the list which does not require much to its preparation. Take a hearty chicken breast, for starters and marinade it beautifully with cilantro, chili powder, and lime juice. Add pepper and sea salt and leave it in the over for almost a half an hour to bake so that the entirety of the chicken gets adorned with the zealous ingredients. Since our quick paleo lunch comprises of mustard in its name, you have to consider Dijon mustard as your prime filler and mix it carefully with all the other ingredients.

These quick paleo lunches do justice to vegetables and meat, and henceforth, gives a new happening term to meet with paleo diets. But don’t be satisfied just with these, find more delicious paleo recipes from paleoteam!

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