According to, Paleo diet is way of cleaning and detoxifying your body from toxic food additives and preservatives. Alternatively known as “Caveman diet”, Paleo helps with illness prevention, lifestyle balance and surprisingly, or not, with weight loss.

A quick reflection on the world where pizza, junk and processed food are consumed daily shows us that simply ditching all the food poison is enough to lose a couple of pounds. But Paleo is more than a diet for weight loss; it is a lifestyle that, once acquired as a habit, will bring you many more benefits than losing weight alone.

The good part about losing weight on Paleo is that it very often happens without intention. However, below you can find some useful advice in case you do have intentions of losing weight when starting Paleo diet.

To count or not count calories

You will see that many sources tackling this subject will tell you that while dieting Paleo style, you won’t need to count calories. While that’s true, things may change when you want to do it for weight loss.

Generally, the good part about Paleo for weight loss is that the unprocessed food standing at its core requires more energy to digest compared to food you’re normally used to. This concept is known as negative calories, and it happens when you burn more calories when eating and consuming the product (chewing, swallowing, and digesting) than the actual calorie amount contained in the product.

When it comes to a chocolate bar, things are totally opposite, and that’s why you need to understand that the number of calories from unprocessed foods is not the same as the number of calories from processed foods. Processed foods are intentionally created so that they can be consumed and digested quickly.

However, Paleo foods also have easy-to-consume products that are high in calories, for example sweet ingredients like maple syrup, honey or fat from coconut oil and nuts. While they are not dangerous for you to consume, if you want to lose weight, then maybe you should consider having them only on special occasions and avoid overconsumption.

Move your body

One of the biggest mistakes is combining Paleo diet with heavy exercising. If a person wants to lose weight, the instinct is to do a lot of exercising to be sure the results will soon be visible. What people don’t think about is that sometimes less is more and more is worse.

When reflecting on the philosophy of Paleo diet and the return to our ancestors, you won’t find any image showing hunters going to the gym. But how did they manage to have such gracious bodies back then? By constantly moving, and moving, and moving. So, give up the car and take the bike instead.

If that’s not an option, park farther away from your destination point and walk a few meters. Whether you have kids or not, go to the park and either play (with your kids) or just walk around and enjoy the surroundings.

Look at the bright side

Most of the weight loss advice focuses on what not to do instead of looking at the bright side and enjoying the moment. Tag lines like “avoid eating this and that” can be really discouraging for a person who wants to change their dietary habits completely.

Deciding to go on Paleo diet for weight loss should be about the experience and not about negativity. Moreover, the approved ingredients on Paleo diet are very promising even though they are limited. Therefore, you should spend your time on giving power to your imagination and being inspired by everything that surrounds you.

For further motivation, you can access the lovely community of Paleo experts at where you will find a series of manuals that are ready to guide you on this new journey. Think about the new doors opening for you and concentrate on what’s good about your decisions.

Don’t think about failure

Fear of failure is one of the reasons why so many people who try to lose weight actually fail in the end. Willpower has a complete monopoly on our minds and that’s also a downside. Don’t think about losing weight as a matter of success or failure, but rather as an opportunity to restore the balance in your life.

Paleo diet calls for a return to simplicity and creativity, so spend time thinking on that, asking yourself questions about what made you change your habits and how that decision is going to affect you further in your life. Learning from our experiences is always a winner. So again, let go of the negative stuff.

Sleep well

It is very important to make sure you sleep well at night as this has a great impact on your intentions of losing weight. Having a relaxed mind helps you see things from a different perspective, especially for a person who deals with small frustrations daily.

Although sleep improvements come along with being on a Paleo diet, you can still work on some additional measures that will improve relaxation during the night. Make sure you let go of the TV and that it’s completely dark in your room.

If the idea of darkness sounds a bit scary, you can use orange lights. Furthermore, replacing TV shows with calm music or an audiobook will also improve your sleep.


Whether you want to lose weight or not, Paleo diet is amazing for improving the performance of our bodies. If you do want to lose weight, then remember to look out for the calories and keep the sweets for special occasions only.

Although the intention is to combine Paleo with exercising, keep in mind that our ancestors were not members of gym clubs, so it’s better to do light walking sessions or ride a bike instead, making sure your body is moving as much as possible. Last but not least, always look at the bright side and enjoy what you have.

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