A Paleolithic diet corresponds to treating your body with the face a caveman would love in exchange of tracking the beast that had been chasing after you. It is time for you to stock your pantry with fit food for a caveman, in hopes that this may help you become more active, wonderfully lean, and of course, a cinch to win the next upcoming marathon with your stamina!

It is time for you to take a trip down the aisles of a grocery supermarket. Do not consider going to a general store in the hopes to tackle brown bread, olives or mushrooms. Down below is a paleo diet shopping list which capably enlists some of the core ingredients and food items that you need to overstock your pantry or refrigerator with in order to be able to prepare easy and delicious paleo meals.


You can never go wrong with eggs, and they are very easy to find as well. Ever since eggs became a mainstay of regular diets for breakfast, simple general stores have been able to stock their shelves with dozens of them.

Fresh Farmers’ Produce

It is better if you buy fresh green vegetables daily from a nearby vegetable hawker, or go to a supermarket which has countless vegetables before you. Be sure to know the difference between preserved ones, and those which are fresh from the farmers’. However, you can also consider growing lettuce, radishes, spinach leaves, lemons and tomatoes in your backyard or in a small greenhouse if you live in colder climate.

It will be a good gardening hobby, and will help you relax while realizing the fact that you would have fresh produce every other day. You can also grow green chillis, sweet potatoes and other herbs or shrubs for an authentic atmosphere.


You can get canned goods of tuna, salmon, and sardines at the local supermarket. Other than that, you can also get plenty of frozen fish fillets under different brand names as well. Always check the details, and consider tasting all until you find the apt company. Remember to avoid fish preserved in vegetable oils other than olive oil! On the other hand, you can go fishing, capture plenty of bites from your baits, and cook fresh fish twice a week. Nothing better than the latter.


When we talk about flesh and meat, we are referring to the meat of herbivores, such as beef, veal, mutton, and game. On the other hand, chicken or turkey tends to be marvelous alternatives to beef and veal, as there are quite a many easy to make recipes which involve chicken. By now you should know that grass-fed meat — and especially the fatty cuts — is the best option. Even if it costs more, your health is worth it. Just think of the savings in doctor bills! (And that the inuits throw the muscle meat to dogs and eat the fattiest parts themselves!)


If your refrigerator lacks fruits or pulps of juices, or if your house lacks a fruit basket, then perhaps, you need to go to the nearest fruit vendor and stock up your pantry with fruits. There are many fruits which have adhesives or preservatives applied on their surfaces for prolonged use. Be treat wise, and always go for apples, bananas, avocados, tomatoes, and watermelons.

Apart from the short list above, you need nuts, and oils – those of almonds, olives or coconuts, seeds, lemons and other ingredients such as paprika, tomato sauce and ground pepper to cook your food in. Cater to a whole lot of cranberry juice, and carrots or broccoli which you can serve as side dishes during any meal.

To prepare delicious paleo meals, check the most popular recipes here!

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