You have probably heard the expression to “trust your gut,” or “gut instincts,” but there’s one saying that is even better – “all disease starts in your gut.” We all know of the physical diseases which can occur as a result of poor eating habits, such as diabetes, heart attacks, and even strokes and some types of cancers. There are also negative mental impacts such as depression and even anxiety. The right foods can fuel our body and the wrong foods can heal. However, what about those who do eat right, but cannot lose weight and still feel ill, both mentally and physically? Could paleo diet be an answer for them? How to paleo and gut health go together?

Look into Your Gut

A few years ago, a gluten free diet was all the rage. Today, it’s more of a healthy lifestyle choice rather than having an out-and-out disease associated with it. Some people, unfortunately, have a disease which does not allow them to properly digest gluten and they become quite ill. For others, though, even though a gluten allergy doesn’t show up, they don’t feel well and choose to go gluten free with paleo diet.

There may be bloating, pain, fatigue and inflammation, so a gluten-free paleo diet works for them as well. However, what about those who are on gluten free diets (but not on paleo diet!) and still feel ill and are overweight? Could it be that their guts are making them overweight in another way?

Old Problem, New Studies: Is Your Gut Making You Overweight?

For years, a percentage of the population has been walking around with the inability to properly digest food, with leaky gut syndrome, metabolic syndrome and inflammatory diseases with no real known cause – chronic fatigue syndrome being one of the names for these unknown and unnamed ailments. Up until recently, there was no real known cause, or cure, for that matter.

Studies and research into the amounts of good and bad bacteria in your tummy are now showing to be a main cause of obesity, as well as a host of other significant health problems, in addition. There now seems to be an understanding that the connection between a leaky gut and the host of problems it causes are interrelated.

While the courts are still out on the final say, the hundreds of thousands who are recognizing that having a leaky gut – also known as leaky gut syndrome – and too much unhealthy bacteria in their stomachs is the cause of many of their weight and health issues.

What Can You do about being Overweight?

If you have tried everything from diet to exercise and nutrition fads, maybe it’s time to seek further help and look at your stomach. By taking the many routes you feel is necessary to make certain you have a healthy gut, you may be taking control of your weight issues once and for all.

For some, the traditional route of seeking a doctor such as a gastroenterologist to discuss how to have a healthy tummy is valuable and for others, they leave with the same feeling of not getting the help they need. Of course, this is a personal choice. Others, follow a routine of adding probiotics to their daily supplements and find great relief in these, while others still find that a serious lack of nutrients is cause for some of the fat on their stomachs. A shortage in magnesium, Vitamin D, zinc, and even calcium may be necessary to maintain a healthy intestinal barrier where food and bad bacteria can no longer pass through.

Could Paleo be Answer for Obesity and Gut Problems?

If you have symptoms of having a bloated belly and cannot seem to lose weight in this one area or if you feel inflammation or fatigue, you may want to look into your gut – not for intuitive guidance, but more for getting rid of that belly fat once and for all and feeling healthier than ever. Following a strict paleo diet which is free from gluten and dairy, and full of healing substances might be the best answer to your weight problems.

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