While on a paleo diet, you can face any of the two extremes – either you can flood your pantry with meat, or you can be rather confused for your next meal due to lack of recipes and interest or ingenuity. To be on a paleo diet is perhaps one the best decisions you can ever take. A paleo diet does not restrict you for the folly; it merely advises you to be clever while making use of your kitchen to the most.

Preparing your own dinner may tend to be boring at times, especially when you are home from work and all you can see is a comfortable couch which reminds you of nothing other than potatoes. Sweet Jesus, you can add sweet potatoes to your diet and munch on its slices as you decide what to prepare for a healthy paleo dinner.

Meatballs and Spaghetti

You can never go wrong with meatballs and spaghetti or noodles for healthy paleo dinner ideas. Just thinking and writing about them makes my mouth water. The best part is that you can make plenty of meatballs beforehand and let them rest in your freezer, until the time you want them. Of course, the microwave oven has to be your best buddy for overheating readymade dishes.

Paleorecipeteam recommends some of the best healthy paleo dinner ideas, some of which cater to adding a hint of Dijon mustard to these rolled up meatballs, besides tomato sauce before baking them. This is where the easy part comes in. You can take ground beef, mash it up and mix it with eggs in a container.

Remember, if you take one pound of ground beef, you have to be aware of your egg mixture. Add tomato sauce, Dijon Mustard for best taste results and coconut flour in the mixture. Beat it until the beef gets totally accentuated with it. Add half a teaspoon of sea salt with a similar quantity of baking soda, and pack it all up with ground pepper. Voila. Your meatballs are now ready to be curled up into balls.

If you do not wish to fry these meatballs, you can bake then in the oven and serve them with vegetable noodles other than your standard pasta. (Remember, standard pasta is not paleo!)

Grilled Chicken

Throw away your pots and scrubbing mittens. It is time for you to relax, enjoy and have an easy-cum-healthy dish for yourself, and your family. The part I like about this healthy paleo dinner idea is that it requires hardly a half an hour to fix. Even though you are tired and on your deathbed from a rueful tackle with your boss at the office, the limes and the sauces in this dish are sure to care for your stomach well.

All you need is chicken, a grill, and of course limes to be grilled with it. Other than our main ingredients, you need coconut sugar, a little bit of smoked paprika, some garlic powder and of course, sea salt, spices, and black pepper. Marinade your boneless chicken beautifully, leave it for a while, and then, go for a talk with your grill. Your dish will be ready in hardly 20 minutes.

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