Apart from being on a tough workout plan, and catering to push-ups and leg drills daily, you need to stick to a protein diet, one which also refers to easy paleo diet meal plans. While being stiffly on proteins such as nuts, fish, and wholesome chicken breasts, one tends to get bored with all the monotony of his appetite and diet.

For this purpose, we have a few easy paleo diet meal plans that one could cater to for the rest of the week, thus involving fruits, eggs, vegetables, and meat as well. Our easy paleo diet meal plans also cater to a handful of fruits or fried vegetables such as carrots or cold pineapples which you could easy take to during your walks or workouts as snacks.


For breakfast, we have a whole assortment of easy paleo diet meal plans which range from either baked, grilled or smoked salmon to the likes of boiled or scrambled eggs.

Your start to the day should be nutritious and fulfilling. Sausages and casseroles also serve to be adequate choices topped off with a bed of lettuce as burger buns or fried spinach leaves.

Consider having meat such as bacon, or salmon once a week, each, every morning with a side of green vegetables. Go for eggs twice a week, and mushrooms, spinach, vegetable muffins, and casseroles the rest of the remaining days. Be treatwise and eat till you feel content with your diet. Add in a few paleo granola bars whenever you have eggs or vegetables in breakfast.


For lunch, some of the easiest paleo diet plans involve salads with different dressings, and different types of lean meat such as beef cubes, beef jerky, smoked salmon or canned tuna or canned salmon with vinegar and lime. These choices not only help to make your day better but also add to the nutritious content your body sadly lacked. Trying different salads with different dressings such as cranberry juice, lime or a mayonnaise dip within almond or coconut oil tends to be a mainstay of easy paleo diet plans.


The best part of dinner is that you can stock up some smoked salmon fillets or burgers, and at the same time avoid sesame buns, though sesames are useful and can add to the dinner’s presentation as well. Not only that, you can always keep the leftovers for the next day’s lunch, making munching and the lookout for the following day a whole lot interesting, fun and easier.

To add to your dinner’s details, consider roasting tomatoes, carrots or zucchinis and serve your meatballs or beef cubes with them. They work as great side dishes, and the roast tends to add to the endeavor.

You can dip your carrot sticks, or fried carrot slices in several dips such as lime juice with paprika, cranberry juice or mayonnaise to add to the variety of tastes. Always keep a handful of olives, roasted almonds, mushrooms and fruits such as apples or bananas for munching around.

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