Perhaps when there were cavemen armed with clubs, they would have occasionally beaten grapes and formulated beer once in a while. Also, they would have hated the sour taste while going dutch on a full duck.

The question that most people on peruse in terms of their diet is whether they are allowed to drink alcohol while being on paleo or not.

As funny and sad as this seems, you need to understand that you are not playing with calories or tending to the paperbacks of each food item in order to discover the amount of calories your body has been mistreated with.

There are different kinds of alcohol, with varied core ingredients, toxin and antioxidants, with a check bar of increased gluten in their content.

For starters, why do you need to drink alcohol, anyway? This question has stopped many paleo-friendly people to quit or skip alcohol during major stress or anxiety, where alcohol is absentmindedly considered as a beverage which could put their mind off from their frantic thoughts and thus, allow them to relax, even though it is for a night or so.

Types of Paleo-Friendly Alcohols

Drinking alcohol once in a while at a bar with a couple of your friends tends to be okay, until and unless that one tequila shot leads to ten more.

Beer and Spirits

If you need gluten once in a while and need to cheat on your paleo diet, then you can go for beer or rum. Beer is not even close to recommendation, mainly due to having wheat and other grains as core ingredients (though you might find gluten-free beer made from rice or so). On the other hand, spirits undergo distillation, thus decreasing the gluten content, but having a super increase in the alcoholic content, thus making you prone to dire hangovers and poor judgements which may involve binge eating on pasta or other gluten filled foods.


Despite adhering to the paleo diet, wine can be recommended only if we are talking about red wine in general. Mainly due to the possession of antioxidants, red wine tends to have a strong myth in helping to lower heart diseases and bad cholesterol (LDL).


Apart from wine, beer and spirits which undergo fermentation of sugars and grains, ciders tend to be paleo friendly as they pertain to fruits as some of their core ingredients. Apples and pears tend to be the mainstay of the prime ingredients of ciders, thus adding a different flavor to beverages other than sticking to electrolyte drinks or gluten-containing drinks.

Ciders may find their way in a paleo diet, not as a mandatory option, but as a drink which pertains to a gluten-free diet, despite being high on sugar. Crispin Cider and Colorado Cider are two of the most popular, low-sugar and gluten-free beverages that you may occasionally drink if you have an intense craving for alcohol.

Despite the fact that some alcoholic beverages may seem paleo-friendly, none of these may grant you a green signal to ultimately go for them. Alcohol has a lot of adverse effects in the body, most of them pertaining to the poor functioning of the liver, absorption and the vascular system, which can not be hidden or masked by tequilas or rums. Vodka comes from potatoes, and nutritionists tend to consider it as a major nay, while others say it is okay to acquire it along with rum or ciders, albeit occasionally.

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