Snacking while on a paleo diet tends to be an ordeal initially. To stay humbly fit and active, a paleo diet tends to take and make out the best of you. A paleo diet is more like a holy pact – a pact which needs to be carefully abided by, for maximum and promising results. For people who are on a fitness craze, or even those who would refer to diets now and then, a paleo diet is a way to go, as it helps you to stay steadfast while having tasty yet nutritious food ahead of you.

Today, we are going to come to the rescue of those individuals who have been pestering their little heads for easy ways and choices to snack, and munch on. Let us talk about the ones which are easily available, though you might have to indulge in a little ingenuity while you are at the chore.

Granola Bars

What exactly are granola bars and why are they so popular among the cavemen? Well, to get a diet full of nuts other than just going Dutch on those available in the market, most of the people on paleo diet have been unreasonably against the phytic acid that these nuts may contain.

With your own sweet time, you can roast the nuts to cut down on the phytic acid, thus ensuring granola bars to be one of the best paleo snacks, disregarding any antinutritious factor.

Consider a whole lot of nuts – almonds and walnuts, two of my personal favorites, and go for an entire mix of vanilla, coconut and almond butter to prepare your granola bars. Make plenty, and freeze them for hunger emergencies.

Sweet Potato Chips/Slices

Hark! Winter is at your doorbell, and it comes with dry weather and petty hunger pangs. Increase your water intake while you stock up your pantry on sweet potatoes. Bake them at the optimum temperature, add a little bit of sea salt, pepper or chili pepper, and your dish, one of the best paleo snacks, is ready to be devoured.

Hard Boiled Eggs

You cannot go wrong with hard boiled eggs as one of your favorite paleo snacks. All you need is a chore to do while you wait for your eggs to boil on the stove, and voila – your hard boiled eggs are firm to the core to be eaten. The best part about hard boiled eggs is that you do not need to boil an entire lot of eggs for future use. Eggs boil in maximum 10 minutes (though personally I prefer 5 minute eggs with a slightly runny yolk – it contains more nutrients as well) if you have the optimum temperature and the flame to do justice to the boiling water. You would be chalking up on protein as you munch on these eggs. Talk about nutrition and a full-filling short snack. Indeed, one of the best paleo snacks.


You can never go wrong with apples. If you do not like apples, then definitely you are doing your life all wrong. Apples are essential for the human body as much as oxygen. A Little exaggeration there (sorry!), but apples are available throughout the four seasons, even though some might be preserved. Stock up your refrigerators with crispy apples, so that the crunch gets you motivated for some more of the best paleo snacks. Consider having one standard sized organic apple per day, at least. The nutritious content is spellbound, and it helps to bring out the color of your eyes as well.

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