Maintaining a paleolithic diet is not as hard as it looks like. All you have to do is remain steadfast on your pact, be imaginative when it comes to cooking the best paleo diet recipes so that you can motivate others as well, and of course, have a little bit of dessert now and then, but the paleo way.

The paleolithic diet has been acting as a lifesaver since the day people started to abide by it. With the help of canned goods, frozen food, roasted nuts and the availability of fresh produce every now and then, sticking to a paleolithic diet tends to be easy other than just being nutritious. You get a chance to try new types of oils other than just vegetable oil such as coconut oil and olive oil which are beneficial for the system.

Mentioned below are the 5 top paleo blogs which I think pop up whenever you have any queries related to the paleolithic diet.

Dr. Loren Cordain and the Paleo Answer

Dr. Loren Cordain is a priceless gem when it comes to guiding about the paleo diet. Having amenably secured a Ph.D., Dr. Loren Cordain is the one who has penned his name as the introducer of The Paleolithic Movement, the one responsible for luring thousands of people and athletes into this dietary pact. is one those 5 top paleo blogs that we have been talking about, and if you need answers, guidelines, and dietary tables from Dr. Loren Cordain or Lorrie Cordain, this blog should be bookmarked.

Robb Wolf

Another one on the list of our 5 top paleo blogs is Robb Wolf is the second name in a paleo household, where the likes of Dr. Loren Cordain’s guidelines are discussed amenably. Robb Wolf has secured the internet with his top-of-the-list paleo guidelines has he tells you in detail about each and every food item corresponding to the paleo diet.

Ultimate Paleo Guide

As the name suggests, is a complete guide for your whereabouts in the terms of a stammered paleo diet. Here, you will come across quite a many bloggers who blog about their respective tackles with the paleo dietary pacts. This blog, one of the 5 top paleo blogs, is a must to be subscribed for.

Paleomagonline.Com is another of our 5 top paleo blogs that cater to the justice and the bare struggles infested within paleo dietary pacts.

Elana’s Pantry

If there were a way to befriend Elana and have her as a chef who cooks me different recipes per se, I would have done the deed long ago. Elana Amsterdam, the goddess of tonnes of easy and quick-to-prepare recipes, has her name as one of the bestselling authors of New York, capably in the field of cookbooks and diet books. is one of those 5 top paleo blogs that should be on your list if you need to impress your stomach with dishes containing cinnamon, cilantro or Dijon mustard.

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